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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ohhh God! its 50-50

Watching rocking IPL T20 through out 44 days. Now its time for 50-50. During last match between Ind vs Pak, Gautam & Shehwag played like T20 so initially its ok but as match is going on ohh God it seems so long. India scores 330 that is a very good score for 50-50, many boundaries & sixes hitted by batsmans. Even then we dnt enjoyed so much the magic of match because T20 change the mindset of watching matches.
As i am huge fan of cricket. I also used to watch test matches most of time but now i just thinking that how do i feel watching Test matches. Test match also have their own magic & i hope that its remains. Time is so crucial nowdays so T20 is must be more attractive.
Dhoni again shows his good leadership, so finger up towards him is not seems good but i think he has to up his batting order & backup yusuf pathan for last overs. It must work good for score high.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Should blogs be regulated?

Last night, I was watching NDTV 24*7. The show We The People by Barkha Datt on blogs issues. “SHOULD BLOGS BE REGULATED”. Not very much but its an interesting discussion. So, first of all a huge thanx to Barkha & NDTV. Because that’s inspired me to join you guys.
So, hey guys it’s my first One.
I think bog gives you a concrete platform to express ur feeling, thinking, believes, likes and unlikes. These days people are very reserve that’s why I believe they should writye blog & share. Its better that they write on public issues.
Finally I don’t want blogs should be regulated. In India many regulatory bodies here but no one is working properly. As Indian Media dnt want any one regulate then how would they even think about to regulate Blogs. Disgusting.
That’s all for today, but I really need ur inspiration & comments guys. So Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………………