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Friday, October 25, 2013

Google launches a special doodle to pay tribute to onion

As soon as onion prices crossed Rs 100/kg mark, Google India team swung into action and created a special doodle as a tribute to the valuable vegetable.

“The common man may not see onions in his home in coming days, so we are making sure he at least sees it on his computer screen,” a senior executive from Google India, whose name we couldn’t retrieve even after a few google searches, told Faking News.

The doodle shows two onions, which some internet trolls claim stand for UPA-II. However, Google has rejected any hidden political message. They reiterated that their sole motive was to help the common man a midst rising prices.

“As soon as a user clicks on the doodle, it will take him to a search result page showing articles on how to cook and enjoy food without onions,” the Google executive explained how the doodle will help the common man.

Experts say that apart from helping the common man, Google is also helping its own business as many, who currently don’t have Google.com as their default home page in browsers, will change the settings to secure their only chance of getting a glimpse of onions.

The step by Google has been welcomed by the common man, who was earlier betrayed by the onion who broke their promise of shedding the eye-irritating feature after breaching the Rs 100/kg mark.

As always, the step by Google has been ridiculed by Apple fans, who are accusing the internet giant of trying to match apple’s prices by getting associated with onions.

Source: FakingNews

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