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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bullett Raja: How to become a gangster in 10 easy steps

Saif Ali Khan's association with UP's underworld has touched a new level now. With 'Bullett Raja', he has done his bit to redefine the aura of gangsters. In an attempt to become the Dabangg of localised gangsters, he followed the path that have been treaded by the likes of Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Manoj Bajpayee and many others in the past. In a film which is high on 'masala' moments and high voltage dialogues, Saif's character graph follows a familiar trajectory. It seems becoming a gangster in Uttar Pradesh is actually not a big deal. All you need to do is to apply some established formula.

Save one, save all: Baby, it's not an ordinary world. You need to sacrifice a lot in the beginning, just like the internship period where you give everything in order to sustain in the company. Take the bullet on your chest if you don't mind for a person you have just met. Of course, you don't need to check one's background before supporting him.

Always trust the wrong guy: Everyone except you knows the real identity of the confidante, but you will wait. I think you were told by the director that you're not going to be killed in the story. I just wish the director to be a little cunning and secretive.

Find the morally upright girl: She wants everything in life, a diamond necklace, mansion in Versova and holiday in Singapore. All she doesn't want is your crime connection. Like how babe, you met this man in a shady environment and used his money for your make-up, and now you are giving the morality lectures!

The friend who loved me: Come on, it's my life and I have the right to choose my friends. But, beta what happened to your Gandhian father's teachings. Remember he was a school teacher as well. Rehne do tumse na ho payega!

The split second: Love can heal almost everything. Your sins can be cured son. Start the life afresh. Ever heard these dialogues! But, with perfect timing you can generate some 'soft' emotions in the mind of a 'homely' criminal. If he survives this emotional atyachar, he is on his way to become the next don in the town.

Police walon ki dosti: We have been made to believe by the film industry that the top cops have very ambiguous moral values, so it's better to stay away from them. But, due to your PhD in Police Psychology, you will take the bait and fall for the trap. It happens in the beginning. Later, you will graduate to better things, and if lucky then you can also share a drink with some of them.

The umbrella sky: Why should you care whether you are in Lucknow or in London? Just be trigger happy wherever you are. The law and order is just a phone call away for your mighty protectors, unless you decide to take on them only.

Subtlety, what's that: Look this is not theatre. Here we state the obvious, even if you are unsure about the other guy's intentions. Also, you think that the audience would love to catch the culprit red handed.

The imaginative ruffian: How does it matter if you have never crossed through the corridors of power! It takes a slight glance for you to understand the vulnerability of the crooked politician. Yes, he has been in this dishonest business for several years, but he will commit the same mistake again. Grow up! Now!

Have faith in the audience: Though we think in our minds that we need to lose at least 50 IQ points to be termed as an average mind, but your perception is something else. And, guess what? You are correct at most of the occasions. We are the jokers and thus we deserve every atrocity you wedge on our senses.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Heroes Of 26/11

26th Nov, 2008 witnessed one of the darkest days in Mumbai, that shook the entire country. Ceaseless shooting and bombing attacks took place across Mumbai by members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, killing hundreds and injuring many others. These attacks took place at 8 places in Mumbai(South Mumbai), starting from CST station, The Oberoi Trident, The Taj Mahal Palace, Cama Hospital, Nariman House Jewis Community Centre, the Metro Cinema, a lane behind Times Of India building and St. Xavier’s College. A bomb explosion also occured at Mazgaon and a taxi at Vile Parle.

Several brave men and women came in to save the hostages at different locations. Army and AirForce played a crucial part in saving the captives. They were 10 terrorists and it was no simple task to capture them. However, police inspectors, commandos, firemen and many more stepped into the firing line to save others when terror struck Mumbai.

Out of all the saviours, some died, some survived and others forgotten.Those who stood out because of their noteworthy performance were Shri. Hemant Karkare, Shri. Ashok Kamte, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Shri. Vijay Salaskar, Shri. Shashank Shinde, Shri Bapusaheb Durugade, Shri. Tukaram G. Ombale and Shri. Prakash P. More.

Constable Tukaram Ombale, who got into the police car hijacked by Ajmal Kasab and his fellow terrorist Ismail, was unarmed. He lost his life while holding onto Kasab until others could arrest him. Kasab got arrested but at the cost of Ombale’s death.

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab was the only link connecting to the attacks, held by the police. After 4 years of thorough interrogation, on 21 November, 2012, Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving Pakistani terrorist was hanged to death at Pune’s Yerawada central prison.

On the first anniversary of the attacks, state paid homage to the victims of the attacks.

Kasab has been hanged, the other 9 were killed, but has JUSTICE been served when the actual perpetuators of the attack are still safe in Pakistan?

Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Grand 2, The Grand gets Grander!

Samsung has just launched the second generation version of the Samsung Galaxy Grand, the Grand 2. The phone though features some expanded set of features from the original lacks bite!

The devise sports a 5.25 inch HD display wih Android 4.3 Jellybean out of the box. The price has not been revealed yet. It is expected to be release at a range of 25 - 27 k in the Indian market.

The Full specs of the device are as follows

5.25-inch HD(1280×720 pixels) TFT display with 16:9 aspect ratio.

1.5GHz quad-core processor(by an unspecified chipset maker) with 1.2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory

3, Expandable memory of up to 64GB via a microSD card.

8-megapixel rear camera autofocus, LED Flash, and support for 1080p video recording,

2 MP front camera

Dual-SIM connectivity, 3G(HSPA+), Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v 4.0, and GPS/GLONASS.

sensors proximity sensor, accelerometer and compass,

2,600mAh battery with up to 10 hours of playback and 17 hours of calls.

As I have stated earlier the device somes with android Jellybean 4.3 out of the box and brings a host of Samsung’s additional software.

The company is also working on the successor of the Galaxy Grand Quattro and will name it as the Galaxy Grand Neo.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Accidents have to led to most of the world famous inventions... Viagra, Chewing Gum, Brandy and many more have been invented by accident

They set out to make certain inventions when these accidental inventions etched their name in history. Let’s talk about such accidents today.

Microwave Oven

In 1946, Perry Spencer was working on magnetron, trying to figure out its probable uses other than the radar arrays. He felt this strange sensation in his pants and realised the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted. It was magnetron’s microwave radiation to blame. This led him to the master culinary invention.

Chewing Gum

Thomas Adams was experimenting with the South American Tree sap, Chicles as a substitute for rubber. Disappointed after several unsuccessful attempts, he popped a piece into his mouth and he liked it. Hence, chewing gum was invented.


Nitrous oxide was a popular party drug back in the early 1800s. In 1844, Horace Wells attended one such event and noted that partaking nitrous oxide has a numbing effect when a particpant under the influence of the laughing gas injured his leg but felt no pain. Nitrous oxide then became the early anaesthetic.


On a hiking trip with his dog, Swiss Engineer George de Mestral noticed the annoying burr that stuck to the dog’s and then to the former’s socks. When inspected under the microcope, he realised it was beacause of the hooks that helped burr stick to fabrics and furs if only he could create them. And Velcro was invented which then became popular with NASA.


A dutch shipmaster heated wine to make it concetrated for easier transport with the idea that it could be diluted at the destination. He discovered that this concentrated wine tasted better than the diluted one. Brandy derived from the dutch word “brandwejin” meaning burnt wine became a hit.


Wilson Greatbatch was working on creating a heartbeat recording device when he accidentally used a 1 mega ohm resistor instead of the 10000 ohm variant. As as consequence, this circuit produced a sound similar to the heartbeat. He fine-tuned the device for regulating heartbeat. This pacemaker was compact and could be implanted in the chest unlike the huge temporarily attached from outside kind available at that time.


In 1879, Constantine Fahlberg was synthesizing chemicals at John Hopkins University in Ira Remsen’s lab when he forgot to wash his hands. While eating, his bread tasted unusually sweet and he noticed it was this chemical’s taste. After performing some tests on this sweetening agent, Constantine got it patented as saccharin leaving no credit for Ira Remsen.


Simon Campbell and David Roberts at Pfizer developed this drug to treat high blood pressure and heart diseases. During clinical trials, they found out that it did not serve the desired purpose and instead treated erectile dysfunctions. Therefore, Pfizer launched it as a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction as Viagra.


Alastair and Jean Carruthers experimented with small doses of this toxin to treat the eye muscle disorder. Disappearing wrinkles was an interesting side effect observed by the couple. Resulting, expressionless faces was the gift of botox to cosmetic science.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What does the IQ mean? What does it measure?

IQ known as Intelligence Quotient is a reflection of how well one performs in a specific test that measures cognitive abilities, in comparison to a large population. There is a standardized scale where 100 is the median score. Approximately 68% of the population has an IQ between 90 and 110, plus or minus 10. It can be said that 95% people have an IQ between 90 and 130. A person with IQ above 130 indicates exceptional intelligence.

William James Sidis from America has the highest IQ ever recorded ie. Between 250 and 300.

But have we ever wondered what exactly does IQ constitute? What is cognitive ability?

You can find online IQ tests that measure your reasoning ability, problem-solving ability, ability to find relationships between things. In short, IQ tests measures the general intellectual ability. IQ test constitutes of following sections:

1) Spatial ability – ability to understand and manipulate spatial relations among objects.

2) Mathematical ability – ability to solve problems

3) Language ability – this includes verbal ability like synonyms, complet the sentence etc.

The basic concept behind IQ test is to measure one’s ability to think and solve problems rather than the amount of knowledge he possesses. A person with greater knowledge can have less IQ as compared to someone who is less knowledgeable.

But the real question is “Does IQ really measure one’s intelligence”?

It is very difficult to answer this because Intelligence cannot be defined. IQ tests can be predictive of general intelligence. It is very subjective and so it is always ambiguous as to what IQ is actually supposed to measure. Though it is beyond one’s scope to determine intelligence, IQ tests might be the best resort as they are pretty accurate.

Friday, November 22, 2013

7 apps that will manage your wallet!

Technological advances and cyber that have impacted cell phones in recent years, citizens have benefited in various ways. Especially users of Smartphone’s, as these teams besides make calls, have managed to help connect to the Web, to see information instantly, interact, find places, among many other utilities. Many of these accesses occur through multiple apps that live in the Android and iOS platforms. Supervise your finances properly to stay away from trouble! This is a general suggestion that almost every financial advisor will recommend you. This article will explore some that have to do with managing personal finances and could help you save time and money.

1. Mint Quickview

Price: Free

Available for Apple and Android

There must be situations when you question where all your money went. When you are unable to recollect your expenses and fail to figure out where you spent more. In such cases, Mint Quickview is a wonderful app for you.

The application effectively is counted among the Mac App Store’s Best of 2012 list. This simple user friendly app scrutinizes all your expenses and tells you how much you are spending in each category of your budget. Mint automatically pulls in and categorizes your transactions for you. It’s safe, secure, and easy to keep your personal finances organized.

Some Special Features:

1. Badge notification. Instantly know when you have a new transaction or account alert.

2. No login required. Quick access to your financial information.

3. Passcode protected. Your information is safe and secure.

2. Manilla

Price: Free

Available For Apple and Android Devices

Manilla is the "must-have" free of charge and safe financial life organization and reminder app that helps you make things easier and organize your finances, bills, accounts and daily life in one position. Manilla also sends automatic bill pay reminders so that you’ll never pay a late fee again. Manilla is owned by Hearst Corporation.

Some Special Features:

1. Download, print, email and read your documents at any time you want.

2. At Manilla, your security is our number one main concern.

3. Automatically see account balances and receive reminders and alerts.

3. Dailycost


Available For Apple

Only If you need an app which can keep tracks of your day-to-day payment, Dailycost is a huge alternative. Users can put their daily expenses in the wide range of categories available in the app. DailyCost could be your best travel friend to go around the world.

Some Special Features:

1. Easy and instinctive gesture interface.

2. 160+ currencies with auto-updated exchange rates.

3. Trendy themes.

4. Toshl Finance

Price: Free

Available On Apple and Android Devices

A lot people loose trace of their expenses when go for a holiday or during trip. In such cases Toshl Finance is a perfect alternative for you. The application is friendly with any currency and helps you to divide your travel budget from your daily expenses.

The Toshl Finance app is free of charge to use, but there are more features and capabilities existing with Toshl Pro that can be purchased within the app.

Some Special Features:

1. Track expenses and incomes with ease.

2. One-time budget, daily budget, weekly budget, bi-weekly budget, monthly budget, yearly budget.

3. Daily updated exchange rates for top 160 currencies.

5. Tricount

Price: Free

Available For Apple and Android Devices

Frequently issues arise during a group outing or trip. Most of the time one or the other friend ends up paying more than relax. To keep away from such ambiguity, Tricount is a perfect solution.

The application will divide all the expenses evenly among all. Mainly the application creates an expense statement on your cell phone and organizes by person. It will inform you how much who owes and distribute it through email to let everybody know their share.

Some Special Features:

1. Generate your group expenses reports directly on your mobile during your movement.

2. App is super helpful for weekends, kitty and travelling.

3. Among friends, between friends, between couples, in your couple, group, Tricount can serve you every day.

6. Check

Price: Free

Available On Apple and Android Devices

You will never refine a bill payment again; “Check” will make sure of that! The application will take back when you have outstanding bills and let you pay before the time limit. You just need to add all your accounts to the encrypted app. You can see all the accounts in one place and simply access to make payments. Check Featured in Top 25 Android Apps for Moms(Dec 2011) and Google Staff Picks(2011-2013).

Some Special Features:

1. Get reminders when bills are payable.

2. Pay on the spot and schedule bill payments for free of charge.

3. Get alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near.

7. Venmo

Price: Free

Available On Apple and Android Devices

If you owe your friend money and not being able to return it outstanding to lack of time, Venmo is your item. It is user friendly, amusing and free of cost. The application uses the same concept of LivingSocial, Uber and Airbnb. You can make payments from the linked bank accounts into a friend’s Venmo account.

The application is a real time saver and is available on Apple and Android Devices.

Some Special Features:

1. Make and share payments with friends for rent, utilities, dinner, drinks, movies and anything else.

2. Easily collect money from people who have a loan from you.

3. Bank-grade 256-bit encryption and Verisign Certified.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

‪#‎Nexus5‬ is an ‪#‎Android‬ phone that's very good at the basics, for an excellent price.

You don't get a lot of frills with Google's new Nexus 5 phone. There's no fingerprint reader, no waterproof covering, no sensor to detect eye movement or hand gestures.

What you get is an Android phone that's very good at the basics -- for an excellent price.

The phone costs $349 and is sold unlocked, without any contract requirements. By contrast, contract-free prices for many top phones exceed $600. For significantly less, the Nexus 5 does a lot of the same things well.

The high-resolution screen on the Nexus is among the best, comparable to flagship phones from Samsung and HTC and sharper than the iPhone. The display measures nearly 5-inch diagonally -- on par with leading phones, yet not so big that it's hard to hold and make calls. The camera isn'tsuperb, but takes decent shots. The Nexus also supports 4G LTE cellular networks.

And because it's designed by Google, you are getting as close to a pure Android experience as you can get, without clutter or gimmicks that many phone makers add to distinguish their phones from rivals. You're also getting the latest: The Nexus is the first Android phone to offer version 4.4, known as Kit Kat. It could take weeks or months for other phones to get Kit Kat.

I only wish the Nexus is compatible with Verizon, but its network uses different technology. The Nexus works with just about every other US carrier, as well as several in Europe.

The Google Now voice assistant takes centre stage in the Nexus 5. The voice recognition technology seems better than before. I was surprised how well it picked up my commands in noisy environments.

The Nexus borrows a hands-free feature found in the Moto X phone from Google's Motorola division. Simply say, "OK, Google," instead of pushing a button, to make a voice command or search request. But the Nexus doesn't let you use this feature to unlock the phone like the Moto X.

Unlike the iPhone's Siri voice assistant, Google Now tries to anticipate what you need and offer that before you even have to ask. It delivers information based on past search requests, Gmail traffic and other ways you use Google services. The more you use it, the more it learns. On the Nexus, you can access all that by swiping from the left of the screen, rather than finding and tapping a search box or waiting for a notification.

As for KitKat, the most useful improvement is its new phone dialer. What you'll probably notice first is the lack of a numeric keypad when you open it. Instead, you get boxes showing favorites, frequent contacts and recent or missed calls. It's an acknowledgement that few people know phone numbers anymore. We tend to make calls from contact lists.

What if it's a business that's not in your contact list? Type it into the search box. The phone searches both your contact list and the web simultaneously. Start typing in "Dunkin' Donuts" or "toy store," and Google will find the ones that are closest to you.

If you still need the numeric keypad, it's an extra tap to get it.

A new Caller ID feature goes beyond what's available in standard directory assistance by drawing data from Google Places business profiles. I wasn't too impressed, though: Telemarketers came in with just the phone number, so I don't see that it's a business I ought to avoid.

KitKat also combines text messaging and chats in one app, Hangouts. It's similar to what Apple does with Messages. The difference is that text and chat streams are treated as separate conversations, which can be disjointing to follow. With Apple devices, all that is managed in one stream for a more natural conversation flow.

You should expect the Kit Kat features on other Android phones when they get the operating system in the coming weeks and months.

Meanwhile, I like the clean layout on the Nexus. Icons are larger, and extra home screens aren't created unnecessarily by default. You create them as you need them by dragging an app to the right.

The main camera's 8MP is comparable to the latest iPhones. The iPhone 5S has better auto focus, but the slightly blurry test shots taken with the Nexus still look better than what I often see on Facebook.

The Nexus supports wireless charging, though the charger is sold separately. If you get it, you can ditch the microUSB cable and simply rest the Nexus on the charger. The Nexus also has a chip for near-field communications, which helps with mobile payments and file sharing.

The phone itself is made by LG Electronics, based on Google's designs. The new features aren't revolutionary, yet Google succeeds in showcasing what Android can be.

Although other high-end phones are available for $100 or $200 with two-year service agreements, many people are now shelling out the full retail price for phones, driven in part by frequent-upgrade programmes and contract-free service plans that wireless carriers are starting to offer. The price of the Nexus 5 makes it even more tempting to ditch phone contracts and the subsidies that typically lock you in.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IRCTC introduces e-wallet for hassle free ticketing

A lot of trouble is faced while booking the tickets online via IRCTC’s website. Most of the time the issue arise while making payment and the customer end up losing reservation of ticket.

To overcome this drawback of the website visited by millions every day, the officials have decided to introduce eWallet. This will also save the user from paying extra payment gateway charges.

The concept of eWallet is not new to the online world. In India the first eWallet was introduced by TimesofMoney ‘Wallet365.com’

What is an eWallet?

eWallet is an online prepaid account where one can keep his/her money and use it as and when required.

Benefits of eWallet

No need of entering credit/debit card details for every online transection.

The benefits of eWallet can be passed on to your family and friends as well.

One will never face decline of payment as its a preloaded account(unless there is no money in the account).

Risks involved

There is no facility of refund. That means you can use the money is eWallet only against a purchase(in this case, a railway ticket).

How much amount you can store in IRCTC’s eWallet?

Minimum INR 100 to maximum INR 5000 in multiples of 100.

What’s the catch?

1. The biggest drawback of this new IRCTC’s eWallet is that you cannot use it between 8 AM to 12 Noon which is the peak time for booking tatkal tickets.

Thus, the purpose is defeated as 70% of the people book tickets during peak hours( 8 AM to 12 Noon).

2. There is also a one time registration fee of Rs250.

3. Refunds would come in eWallets only.

How to use eWallet?

Go to the website of IRCTC. Open ‘Plan my travel’ page. Enter your PAN card number and name for verification. Then create a transaction password and pay one time registration fee

Government jobs in India attract corrupt youngsters like a magnet: Study

It is now official - the government in India attracts corrupt youngsters like a magnet.

Scientists have, for the first time, shown that students who are cheats in school are more likely to opt for a government job.

This relationship does not appear to vary by ability, suggesting that screening on ability does not change the level of honesty of those chosen for a government service among the pool of applicants.

Similar is the case with nurses working in India. Those found to be dishonest in a unique test were more prone to fraudulent absenteeism in the government sector.

The results are part of a large scale study by Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania conducted among 662 students from seven large universities in Bangalore. The study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, set students a number of tasks, which were predictive of corrupt behaviour by real government workers. It was then found that cheating students are more likely to want a job in public service.

The students who wanted to enter public service were also less likely to demonstrate behaviour intended to benefit other people or society as a whole.

The author of the paper, Rema Hanna from Harvard University, conducted three separate tests to reach these conclusions.

First, students in Bangalore were asked to roll a dice 42 times and report what numbers they got. The higher the numbers on the dice, which students had to report, the more they would get paid (around Rs 400 per session). Hanna and her co-author, Shing-Yi Wang from the University of Pennsylvania, discovered that cheating among the students was rampant with more than a third reporting numbers that were abnormally high. When measured against career preferences, students who cheated on the dice game were 6.3% more likely to want a government job.

Government nurses from 333 primary health centres (PHC) across five districts in Karnataka were then made to undergo the same test.

Researchers said bureaucratic absenteeism is an attractive form of corruption to study because one can measure whether the bureaucrat is fraudulently collecting a pay check for a day not worked. They carried out nine rounds of independent random checks of the primary health centre staff between July 2010 and November 2012. However, cheating wasn't that rampant among this group (only 9.1% scored the abnormally high results). However, amongst those who were thought to have cheated, absenteeism with false reasons was much higher.

"Overall, we find that dishonest individuals - as measured by the dice task - prefer to enter government service," wrote Hanna. "Importantly, we show that cheating on this task is also predictive of fraudulent behaviours by real government officials," they added.

According to Hanna, the study funded in part by Harvard Dean's Grant and the Russell Sage Foundation offers two key policy insights.

First, the recruitment and screening process for bureaucrats in India may be improved by increasing the emphasis on characteristics other than ability. Second, while recent empirical papers have shown that reducing the returns to corrupt behaviour decreases the probability that bureaucrats engage in corruption, "our work suggests that these interventions may have had even broader effects by changing the composition of who might apply".

A separate test looked at a set of tasks that was predictive of pro-social behaviour - actions which benefited other people and society. Students were then asked to divide the money they received between themselves and a charity. The deal, however, was whatever they gave to charity would be doubled. The test then found that those who gave the least to charity were most likely to want to work in government.

The study concluded: "Through this study, we offer evidence that college students who cheat on a simple task are more likely to prefer to enter government service after graduation. Importantly, we also show that cheating on this task is also predictive of fraudulent behaviours by real government officials, which implies that the measure captures a meaningful propensity towards corruption. Given that the existing methods of measuring corruption only apply for those who are already entrenched in the bureaucracy, our validation of a measure of cheating against real-world corruption outcomes offers an important tool for future research on selection and corruption".

Source: TOI

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Google beyond what meets the eye

We use Google very frequently for data search, directions or just to check if the internet is working. But we don’t really explore Google. To think of it, the only fun thing that comes to mind or one associates Google with is the Google Doodle. There are many more interesting things that can be done on Google. Here are 12 hidden features that I know of and there’s no harm in trying them at home.

Skew the Google page! Type “askew” in the search box and see the result.

See the Spherical play of the Google main page, by simply typing Google sphere and click on I’m Feeling Lucky. Thank you Mr.doob for the effect!

Forget Google earth try Google mars. Google also lets you explore mars. Just go to http://www.google.com/mars

Create your own beatbox tunes with Google translate. Omit the vowels, enter the consonants and click on listen.

Search binary in Google. The number of results will be in binary format instead of the usual decimal.

If you speak Star Trek then it may interest you that Google also has a Klingon search.

Watching a video on Youtube and it’s still buffering, the waiting part is so boring! Type 1980 instead and play a game on the page itself and see a glass shatter over you video. Some cool effects I tell you.

Find the loneliest number on Google and yes it can prove why.

Google does not recognize period ‘.’ as a character in the email address, so add as many periods as you want to your email id and you’ll still be redirected to the same account.

You don’t need to go to a specific site to check the flight status or package status, just Google it and Google will give you the result.

Google chrome also has its task manager, type Shift+ Esc to check the status.

Visit Google Earth, press Ctrl+ A and fly over the terrain.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We all know about Sachin, but do you know Dr. CNR Rao the Bharat Ratna Awardee?

There has been a lot of “Sachin – Sachin” Buzz around. Sachin’s last test match, Sachin’s speech, Sachin’s farewell, Sachin receiving Bharat Ratna, etc Well deserved Sachin! A great cricketer, infact one of its kind that ever played on Earth. But do you think he is the only one on the planet currently right now who deserved such a novel treatment? Is cricket the only thing that we Indians care about? Or we have lost respect for other talents and geniuses? Well, let me introduce you to this guy who is not at all related to any sports field or to any thing that stands in limelight or deals with fame. And you decide whether this guy deserves the respect similar to Master Blaster or not.

Let’s play a game.

Let us see how much you know about this man. I ‘ll give a hint and you try to guess. Fine? No Googling!

Hint 1: Where is he from?

Bangalore is HIS birth place.

Hint 2: When was he born?

30 June, 1934

That means he is quite old now. No! His is not dead. He is still alive!

Hint 3: Is he been in any kind of controversies?

Yes. He was accused of indulging and allowing plagiarism which he refused.

Bad Hint! I know.

Hint 4: What field is he related to?


Hint 5: What is he known for?

Solid-state chemistry and Materials science.

He is one of the world’s foremost solid state and materials chemists.

His work on transition metal oxides has led to basic understanding of novel phenomena and the relationship between materials properties and the structural chemistry of these materials.

He is the author of around 1500 research papers. He has authored and edited 45 books.

Hint 6: What is he currently doing?

The list is long but to cut short it,

He is currently the National Research Professor, Linus Pauling Research Professor, Founder and Honorary President of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore.

He is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Indian Prime Minister.

He is also the director of the International Centre for Materials Science( ICMS) .

Hint 7: How educated his is?

Oh you would be fascinated and thrilled to know how many degrees he posses.

M.Sc.( Banaras), D.Sc.( Mysore),Ph.D.( Purdue)

And about 60 Honorary Doctorates from

Foreign Universities

D.Sc.( honoris causa) St. Andrews, Bordeaux, Caen, Colorado, Khartoum, Liverpool, Northwestern, Novosibirsk, Oxford, Purdue, Stellenbosch, Université Joseph Fourier, Wales, Wroclaw and RAS( SB); Sc.D( honoris causa) Notre Dame; Fil. Dr.( honoris causa) Upp.

Indian Universities

D.Sc.( honoris causa) Aligarh, Anna, Andhra, Banaras, Bengal Engineering, Bangalore, Burdwan, Bundelkhand, Delhi, Hyderabad, IGNOU Universities, IISER( Bhopal, Kolkata, Mohali & Pune), IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT New Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological, Kalyani, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Kuvempu, Lucknow, Mangalore, Manipur, Mysore, Osmania, Panjab, Roorkee, Sikkim Manipal, SRM, Tumkur, Uttar Pradesh Technological, Sri Venkateswara, Vidyasagar, Visveswaraya Technological Universities, LL.D( honoris Causa) SV University; D.Litt.( KSOU); Nadoja( Hampi); Desikottama( Vishva-Bharathi) .

Hint 8: Awards

One might fall asleep while reading about the awards this guy has received.

26 International, 9 National and 92 other awards and recognitions.

Hint 9: What is so special about him?

Most of the scientists of his time have chosen retirement but this guy against all odds and have overcome the fatigue and age barriers and cannot stop him from reinventing himself.

His mantra for success has been as simple as that of a child. Unlike others who blame the system and society for failure, this guy believes

“In India, if you work hard you will get major results”

Awwarded with Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and Karnataka Ratna earlier, CHINTAMANI NAGESA RAMACHANDRA RAO, a pioneer whose most work is ahead of the curve, has been finally been selected for Bharat Ratna on Nov 16, 2013 by Government of India.

Some say, What Sachin( 40 and retired) is to Cricket, CNR Rao is to the world of science( 79 and still not out)!

50% of Delhiites aged 18-19 have not enrolled to vote

Close to half of those aged 18 or 19 in Delhi have not enrolled themselves to vote in the upcoming assembly elections, suggests an analysis that puts together age specific data from Census 2011 and data on those belonging to this age group in the electorate obtained from the office of the capital's chief electoral officer.

This could come as a surprise to many given the many recent signs of growing political awareness and activism among the young. These include the recent protests led by the city's youth and the new avatar of social media, which is now widely regarded as an effective political tool for mobilising the young population.

Delhi's recently released electoral roll data suggests that only 3.6 lakh of those enrolled to vote in the assembly elections are aged 18 or 19. They constitute roughly 3% of the total number of voters in Delhi. Census data, on the other hand, reveals that in 2011 there were 6.4 lakh people aged 16-17. By that reckoning, the 18-19 age group figures for 2013 should be close to this significantly higher number.

Of course, many of those aged 16-17 at the time of the census in 2011 may have moved out, either for studies or in search of jobs, but given the fact that Delhi, like other big metropolises, is a magnet for job seekers from elsewhere, this should be more than offset by those migrating to Delhi from other parts of India.

When contacted, Shurbir Singh, Delhi's special chief electoral officer, told TOI that all efforts are being made to make youngsters a part of the electoral process and ensure that they are enrolled to vote. "In 2012, this age group comprised of only 0.8% of the total electors. We have managed to increase it to 3%", he pointed out.

However, the census data shows that those aged 16-17 in 2011 were 5.4% of the population aged 16 or more at the time. Once again, it appears that only a little over half of those in this age-group have actually enrolled to vote. If one takes the census and electoral roll data, only about 56% of the 18-19 age group may be in the electorate as of now.

Singh also suggested that some of the gap between the census figures and the electoral rolls could be because the electoral rolls only include people who were 18-years-old on 1-1-2013. This excludes all those who attained voting age of 18 years between January 2nd and the day of election. "We are focussing on school and college campuses to encourage these people to register as voters," he added.

Apart from the official machinery, a plethora of NGOs and citizens' groups too have been campaigning for people, particularly the young, to enrol themselves and participate in the electoral process. It appears that while all these efforts have had a significant impact, as reflected in the increase in the proportion of 18-19 year olds in the electorate since 2012, there is a long way still to go. Perhaps come 2014, we might see a further improvement.

Source: TOI

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela - Movie Review

The movie appears to be a product of what you get out of a mixture of the movies Josh – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Ishakzaade. There is nothing vulgar in the movie that is talked about so much except the Ranvir-Deepika kissing scenes and couple of dialogues already aired in movie trailers. There is not even 1% vulgarity of Grand Masti. The movie shows a 500 year old traditional rivalry between Sanera and Rajadi clans in Gujrat. Deepika( Leela) belongs to Sanera clan and Ranvir( Ram) belongs to the Rajadi clan. Their names Ram and Leela really had nothing to do with controversy created by religious groups and has relevance only to the fact that their love story ends in a tragedy on the last day of Ram Leela when the effigy of Raavana is burnt and thereafter bringing the two rival groups together. Else their names did not carry much significance. While the movie is directed very well and keeps you entertained, the songs in first half are too many and you may find it boring. Priyanka Chopra’s song does add value to the movie and also the colourful dresses worn by Deepika and other characters throughout the movie. There are few moments in the movie that will not convince you:

1) Deepika kissing Ranvir publicly during their first meet and in the process leaves a mark of gulal on Ranvir’s lips – too fast for a first meet during Holi and to fall in love

2) Ranvir’s regular casual meetings in Deepika’s home which is in his rival area

3) Ranvir’s change of character after being crowned as the Don of Rajadi clan. He used to be a peacemaker earlier

4) Deepika is made the leader of Sanera clan and she gets into the character overnight

5) Deepika though in pain and hurt, dances and sings the song “Nagade sang dhol baaje” If you did not like “Ishakzaade”, then you could avoid this movie as there is not much difference in the storyline but lot of drama in Sanjay Leela Bhansali style. Overall, movie is okay and a one time watch. All actors have done a fabulous job playing their respective characters especially Ranvir, Deepika and Supriya Pathak.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

27 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

1. Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

The rainbow formation is the result of red sandstone and mineral deposits being laid down for over 24 million years, according to the Telegraph.

2. The swing at the “End of the World” in Baños, Ecuador

At the edge of Ecuador sits a rickety tree house (casa del árbol) overlooking an active volcano in the near distance. With it comes a swing with no harnesses, inviting only the bravest of risk-takers to experience a killer view.

3. The Great Blue Hole in Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It’s one of the top scuba diving sites in the world and the water is 407 feet deep.

4. Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Many people often mistake Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, as the designated space of the tulip fields. However, these majestic fields are located just outside the garden and are mostly privately owned.

5. The Hang Son Doong cave in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Son Doong is the world’s largest cave, created 2–5 million years ago. A half-mile block of 40-story buildings could fit inside it!

6. Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan

The park is in full bloom during spring and tourists often visit to see 4.5 million “baby blue-eyes” flowers blossom.

7. Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska, United States

The cave lies beneath the Mendenhall Glacier and it melts as you walk through it.

8. Mount Roraima in Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana

The tabletop mountains are considered some of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back to roughly 2 billion years ago. The mountain also serves as a triple border for Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela.

9. Ancient Region of Anatolia in Cappadocia, Turkey

The area has become a popular tourist area and a favorite spot for hot air ballooning.

10. Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives

What may appear as a mirror image of the stars above, the bioluminescence in the water is actually due to marine microbes called phytoplankton. The effect it has on the shore is absolutely breathtaking.

11. Victoria Falls bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa

This 355-foot waterfall lies at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and it is the widest waterfall in Africa. There’s also a famous feature on the Zambian side called the Devil’s Pool, which allows adventurous tourists to hang out at the edge of the falls.

12. Trolltunga in Hordaland, Norway

Trolltunga is a piece of rock that hangs out of the mountain about 2,000 feet up in the air. The Troll’s Tongue (translation in English) is available to hikers from mid-June to about mid-September.

13. Whitehaven Beach at Whitsunday Island in Australia

This beach is known for its beautiful white sands, which are believed to have been brought to the beach from sea currents over millions of years. The sand is very fine and does not retain heat, making it comfortable for a barefoot walk along the shore. It can also damage electronics, so keep your cell phones and cameras in a safe place!

14. The Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States

This magnificent beauty is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide, and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

15. Marble Caves at General Carrera Lake in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)

The Marble Caves, known as Marble Chapel and Marble Cathedral, are located at the center of the lake and were formed by waves over the past 6,000 years.

16. Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine

This railway engulfed in a tunnel of leaves is a Pinterest favorite and a Ukrainian hot spot for lovers. Although it’s undoubtedly romantic, there is an active train that travels through the tunnel three times a day to deliver wood to a factory. Just beware of the train before snapping engagement photos!

17. Salar De Uyuni in the Potosí and Oruro departments of southwest Bolivia

This is the world’s largest salt flat. It also becomes a giant mirror of the sky during the rainy season.

18. Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Brazil

Located at Chapada Diamantina National Park, this well’s water is 120 feet deep and is clear enough to see the rocks.

19. Antelope Canyon in Arizona, United States

Located near Page, Ariz., this brilliant slot canyon is split into two different sections, commonly referred to as “The Crack” and “The Corkscrew.”

20. Fingal’s Cave on the island of Staffa in Scotland

Although it may seem like this block structure is man-made, it was actually formed by hexagonally jointed basalt columns within a Paleocene lava flow.

21. To Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village on the south coast of Upolu, Samoa

To Sua is a giant hole in Lotofaga that was converted into a swimming pool with water flowing through a lava-tube tunnel.

22. Bamboo groves of Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan

Often referred to as the “Bamboo Forest,” this tree-lined path is popular for walks and bicycle rides on a nice day.

23. Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand

This specific spot in the Waitomo Caves is known as the Glowworm Grotto, a place where glowworms create a starry effect on the ceilings. This species is exclusively found in New Zealand and is around the size of a mosquito.

24. Haiku Stairs of Oahu in Hawaii, United States

Stairway to Heaven is a steep hiking trail that is technically closed to the public, but many people continue to climb despite “No Trespassing” signs.

25. Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia

This large chain of volcanoes sits on the Kamchatka Peninsula, with 19 of them still active. The highest volcano is Klyuchevskaya Sopka, standing at almost 16,000 feet high.

26. Cenotes of Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico

These sinkholes in Mexico were formed during the ice age and were held sacred by the Mayans.

27. Kelimutu crater lakes in Flores Island, Indonesia

The westernmost lake is called the Lake of Old People and is usually blue, and the other two are called the Lake of Young Men and Maidens and Bewitched or Enchanted Lake, which are typically green and red, respectively. The colors vary on a periodic basis and have become a popular tourist destination.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rectangular slabs would soon be a thing of the past

The iphone is the clear leader among smartphones. The phone stands tall in almost all the departments. Now the battle is on for yet another thing - the Design . Samsung and LG has already curved it up now it is time for Apple to flex some muscles in this department.

While Samsung released curved smartphones first with the relase of Galaxy Round, LG soon followed suit with its LG G Flex. The phones were far from curved. They were just slightly bended devices and not flexible screens. Apple looks to make a first in this segment with a curved screen.

By next year Apple will come out with newer bigger and curved iphones. Some reports state that Apple plans to modulate the pressure applied on the screens and develop screens with internal pressure gauging capabilities. So now, lightly tapping your screen might mean something different and a quick, hard jab might do something completely different.

Apple will also expand their fingerprint recognition system. This will surely bring in more features and will completely change the way we use smartphones. The pressure touch makes it more interesting and would increase the comfort levels of the user.

While Apple has to come up with solutions for the disappointing 5C. The new device launch will take place not earlier than second half of 2014 keeping in mind the apple tradition.

While many rumors are already doing rounds. Let’s wait and see how the device turns out.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Earthquakes shocks Delhi

The National Capital Region and its suburbs were shocked after strong tremors shook early in the day. A series of four earthquakes occurred in the region.

The first quake at 12: 40 am measured 3.1 on the richter scale and lasted for 3 - 4 seconds. Moreover the epicenter was just 10 km below the surface.

The second quake occurred at 1: 40 am and measured 3.3. This was felt in Noida and Ghaziabad as well. The last two measured 2.5 and 2.8 respectively and happened around 2 and 4 am.

Several people rushed out of their houses as they felt the tremor.

Twitter has been abuzz with tweets regarding the incident

"Yes, tremors in Delhi just a minute ago. Like thunder coming from the ground! " tweeted Jamal Shaikh.

"This must be the strongest earthquake tremor I have ever felt. It was like the earth shivering. #Delhi( sic) " tweeted a person with Twitter handle @dillidurast.

How to conserve your cell phone battery ?

Days of the small screened nokia phones are long gone. The market is flooded with smartphones which do a lot more than just calls. But doing all these activities on a device consumes a lot of energy and the battery does not keep up.

Its irritating to charge your cell more than once a day. Here are some steps that will help you conserve your battery life.

Switch to wi-fi when it’s available

Wifi does not only save our data charges but also uses less power compared to data connections and connecting to the home or office netwrok whenever it is available will increase your battery life.

Turn off unnecessary functions

Functions like GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi takes up battery. Widgets can make things simpler. Turning of functions when you don’t need them will conserve a lot of battery.

Keep your display brightness on’Auto’

A lot of battery is consumed on the display itself. So it is better to keep the Brightness in auto mode rather than manually changing it.

Turn off connectivity when you’re out of service areas

Searching for networks is a tiresome jobs for your phones as sacanning wastes a lot of power. Switch to airplane mode or tun off the antenna stopping your phone from spending valuable power.

Don’t let your battery drain all the way down

The best time to charge your phone is when it is 20% remaining. This will extend your battery life.

Reduce refresh rate of apps, or turn push notifications off

Apps life Facebook and Twitter when continuously connected refreshes on a regular basis.It is better to turn off auto refresh on apps like Facebook and Twitter when not in use.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mahindra's XUV 300 to challenge the Duster and Ecosport

Mahindra is gearing up for a war against the likes of Renault Duster and the Ford Ecosport. Some spy pics of the upcoming compact SUV - the S101.

The new compact SUV is supposed to go on sale at a very lucrative price point. The SUV will hit the market by the end of 2014. By the looks of it, it is smaller than the Quanto and hence will be a five seater. It may feature automatic transmission for the diesel variant. It will be a first in the segment if it comes with an automatic transmission.

There are rumors that the S101 will come with two new small capacity petrol engines which are being developed under the guider of Ssangyong. One will be a three cylinder unit and the other will be a four pot petrol version. The engines will be completely different from any of the existing ones.

S101 might just be a code name for the SUV which will be called Mahindra XUV300 on release. The Design features will match its big brother the XUV500.

Stay tuned for more details!

Bangalore townships sell flats only to Brahmins, Lingayat

After the controversy over the Mumbai property advertisement that said 'No Muslims allowed', CNN-IBN has found that other cities too are spawning divisive colonies. Now, two walled townships are coming up just outside Bangalore, to cater to only certain communities. 

Shankara Agraharam or Vedic Village, as it's called is a township near Bangalore with 1,200 residential plots on sale. The rider is that one has to be a Brahmin to own a plot there and one can sell it only to Brahmins. Applicants here have to fill out elaborate forms to keep to the so-called purity of the colony. 

We are not dividing at all, where is the division. The community is staying together because of all like-minded people. My sons wanted to stay together, in that way, all our community wanted to stay in one community township in this manner. There is nothing wrong about this as long as we don't disturb our neighbour community, we're happy and that we don't do," said Dr VP Rao, Chairman, Sanatana Dharma Parirakshana Trust. 

In the same Bagepalli region 90 km from Bangalore, a Shiva temple trust has planned a layout only for the Lingayat community. After it was pointed out that Lingayat preacher Basaveshwara called for equality of all castes, they opened up sales to other Hindu communities too, but the covert sale brochures make it clear it will be Lingayat dominant. 

"To reflect the teachings of a revered guru, our objective is that the institutions we establish will run in perpetuity. Our attempt is to see that we involve more people who have a sense of identification with that faith and take it forward," said S Phani Kumar, Founder Trustee, Divya Dhama Trust 

Promoters of these two colonies argue that that such things are common among many communities like the Jains and the Parsis and in fact have been happening subtly for many years now. But some activists have objected to these two colonies and have written to the state and the central governments. However, they haven't got a response. 

"That is not like this, which happens with the blessing of the government. So this is a pernicious practice and if it is not put an end to, I'm sure it will replicate everywhere. If people know there is money to be made by catering to specific castes, why wouldn't more number of builders come and do the same, and once we start doing that, what happens to national integration," questioned advocate and activist KV Dhananjay. Even as the debate rages on, more than 50 per cent of the Brahmin settlement has been sold out, while the Divya Dhama township is hoping to begin sales in two months.

Source: IBN

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lady Gaga set to be first singer to perform in space

Lady Gaga is streaming her new album a week early after leaks, but she hinted on Wednesday at an out-of-this-world publicity splash with its official launch — a concert in space.

The rarely subtle singer gave fans another reason to wait for the album's official international launch on Sunday. US Weekly magazine reported that Lady Gaga would become the first singer to perform in outer space.

The magazine said that Lady Gaga plans a month of special vocal training to perform in early 2015 aboard the Virgin Galactic, the passenger spaceplane being launched by British billionaire Richard Branson to popularize space tourism.

Lady Gaga will be performing one song on the spaceship during the Zero G Colony high-tech festival in New Mexico, the magazine said.

Source: TOI

10 Places to visit before they vanish

Whether it’s rising sea levels, desertification, torrential monsoons, melting glaciers or ocean acidification, climate change is rapidly altering the landscape of our planet. We may be one of the last generations to see some of the Earth’s most cherished places.

Here’s our list of 10 places to see before they vanish...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

'Assam Rape Fest' story in US media triggers row

An American news satire website's play of words and comment on the security of women in India, and particularly in Assam, has evoked sharp criticism from netizens. Social media is abuzz with reactions - many believing the satire to be "true news" - after the website published a report headlined, 'The Assam Rape Festival In India Begins This Week' on November 3.

The report, first published on NationalReport.net, which claims to be America's Number 1 independent news team, was widely shared on social media. The report was later picked up by many websites and forums. With the frenzy snowballing, a few others tried to explain that the report was indeed a satire although it was not written anywhere on the website that it publishes fake news.

On Thursday, Assam criminal investigation department registered a suo motu case against the website for posting the defamatory article.

Commenting on Facebook, Arindom Phukan pointed out that the website had nowhere mentioned that the story was a satire. Ironically, the report was shared more than 89,500 times on Facebook and around 1,000 times on Twitter. "Men in India are already beginning to celebrate as the annual Assam Rape Festival is just days away. Every non-married girl age 7-16 will have the chance to flee to safety or get raped," the write-up said.

Commenting on the post, one Terrance believed that the report was true and went on to write, "India is always raping something. Makes me sick!"

Cursing the male gender, one Hannah wrote, "God have mercy on these innocent women... what kind of tradition is this. All you have to know is that God is watching you and you are going to pay for your sins."

Giving the link to the 'news story', the NationalReport posted on Facebook, "We would recommend foreign travelers avoid #India this week during the #AssamRapeFestival! Don't say we didn't warn you!" The Facebook page also claims itself to be one of the 'most accurate news' on the web.

Web archives shows that NationalReport's now deleted disclaimer page read, "NationalReport is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yamaha to come up with a Honda Activa rival soon!

Our Sources confirm that the Indian subsidiary of the Yamaha Motors will unveil an all new scooter at the auto expo. This will be positioned above the Ray and will be of unisex style. Ray has been the first and the only scooter by Yamaha Motors aimed at the fairer sex.

We haven’t yet got any details on the official name but it can be safely assumed that the scooter will be pitted against Honda Activa which is the undisputed leader of this segment. The engine will ,most probably shared with the Ray.

This was revealed by none other than Asano Masaki, the chief executive and MD of Yamaha India. Asano ha stated that they are aiming for increased sales in the lucrative scooter segment and such a commuter scooter will play an active role in achieving this target.

70 percent of the sales in the scooter sales happens in the unisex segment but the fact that Honda sold more that 100,00 units of Activa every month reflects the potential of this industry.

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has reported that scooter sales has seen a 17% growth in the first two quarters of this year while motorcycle sales grew by 1%.

Lets wait and see how this scooter from Yamaha turns out!