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Friday, November 22, 2013

7 apps that will manage your wallet!

Technological advances and cyber that have impacted cell phones in recent years, citizens have benefited in various ways. Especially users of Smartphone’s, as these teams besides make calls, have managed to help connect to the Web, to see information instantly, interact, find places, among many other utilities. Many of these accesses occur through multiple apps that live in the Android and iOS platforms. Supervise your finances properly to stay away from trouble! This is a general suggestion that almost every financial advisor will recommend you. This article will explore some that have to do with managing personal finances and could help you save time and money.

1. Mint Quickview

Price: Free

Available for Apple and Android

There must be situations when you question where all your money went. When you are unable to recollect your expenses and fail to figure out where you spent more. In such cases, Mint Quickview is a wonderful app for you.

The application effectively is counted among the Mac App Store’s Best of 2012 list. This simple user friendly app scrutinizes all your expenses and tells you how much you are spending in each category of your budget. Mint automatically pulls in and categorizes your transactions for you. It’s safe, secure, and easy to keep your personal finances organized.

Some Special Features:

1. Badge notification. Instantly know when you have a new transaction or account alert.

2. No login required. Quick access to your financial information.

3. Passcode protected. Your information is safe and secure.

2. Manilla

Price: Free

Available For Apple and Android Devices

Manilla is the "must-have" free of charge and safe financial life organization and reminder app that helps you make things easier and organize your finances, bills, accounts and daily life in one position. Manilla also sends automatic bill pay reminders so that you’ll never pay a late fee again. Manilla is owned by Hearst Corporation.

Some Special Features:

1. Download, print, email and read your documents at any time you want.

2. At Manilla, your security is our number one main concern.

3. Automatically see account balances and receive reminders and alerts.

3. Dailycost


Available For Apple

Only If you need an app which can keep tracks of your day-to-day payment, Dailycost is a huge alternative. Users can put their daily expenses in the wide range of categories available in the app. DailyCost could be your best travel friend to go around the world.

Some Special Features:

1. Easy and instinctive gesture interface.

2. 160+ currencies with auto-updated exchange rates.

3. Trendy themes.

4. Toshl Finance

Price: Free

Available On Apple and Android Devices

A lot people loose trace of their expenses when go for a holiday or during trip. In such cases Toshl Finance is a perfect alternative for you. The application is friendly with any currency and helps you to divide your travel budget from your daily expenses.

The Toshl Finance app is free of charge to use, but there are more features and capabilities existing with Toshl Pro that can be purchased within the app.

Some Special Features:

1. Track expenses and incomes with ease.

2. One-time budget, daily budget, weekly budget, bi-weekly budget, monthly budget, yearly budget.

3. Daily updated exchange rates for top 160 currencies.

5. Tricount

Price: Free

Available For Apple and Android Devices

Frequently issues arise during a group outing or trip. Most of the time one or the other friend ends up paying more than relax. To keep away from such ambiguity, Tricount is a perfect solution.

The application will divide all the expenses evenly among all. Mainly the application creates an expense statement on your cell phone and organizes by person. It will inform you how much who owes and distribute it through email to let everybody know their share.

Some Special Features:

1. Generate your group expenses reports directly on your mobile during your movement.

2. App is super helpful for weekends, kitty and travelling.

3. Among friends, between friends, between couples, in your couple, group, Tricount can serve you every day.

6. Check

Price: Free

Available On Apple and Android Devices

You will never refine a bill payment again; “Check” will make sure of that! The application will take back when you have outstanding bills and let you pay before the time limit. You just need to add all your accounts to the encrypted app. You can see all the accounts in one place and simply access to make payments. Check Featured in Top 25 Android Apps for Moms(Dec 2011) and Google Staff Picks(2011-2013).

Some Special Features:

1. Get reminders when bills are payable.

2. Pay on the spot and schedule bill payments for free of charge.

3. Get alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near.

7. Venmo

Price: Free

Available On Apple and Android Devices

If you owe your friend money and not being able to return it outstanding to lack of time, Venmo is your item. It is user friendly, amusing and free of cost. The application uses the same concept of LivingSocial, Uber and Airbnb. You can make payments from the linked bank accounts into a friend’s Venmo account.

The application is a real time saver and is available on Apple and Android Devices.

Some Special Features:

1. Make and share payments with friends for rent, utilities, dinner, drinks, movies and anything else.

2. Easily collect money from people who have a loan from you.

3. Bank-grade 256-bit encryption and Verisign Certified.

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