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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bullett Raja: How to become a gangster in 10 easy steps

Saif Ali Khan's association with UP's underworld has touched a new level now. With 'Bullett Raja', he has done his bit to redefine the aura of gangsters. In an attempt to become the Dabangg of localised gangsters, he followed the path that have been treaded by the likes of Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Manoj Bajpayee and many others in the past. In a film which is high on 'masala' moments and high voltage dialogues, Saif's character graph follows a familiar trajectory. It seems becoming a gangster in Uttar Pradesh is actually not a big deal. All you need to do is to apply some established formula.

Save one, save all: Baby, it's not an ordinary world. You need to sacrifice a lot in the beginning, just like the internship period where you give everything in order to sustain in the company. Take the bullet on your chest if you don't mind for a person you have just met. Of course, you don't need to check one's background before supporting him.

Always trust the wrong guy: Everyone except you knows the real identity of the confidante, but you will wait. I think you were told by the director that you're not going to be killed in the story. I just wish the director to be a little cunning and secretive.

Find the morally upright girl: She wants everything in life, a diamond necklace, mansion in Versova and holiday in Singapore. All she doesn't want is your crime connection. Like how babe, you met this man in a shady environment and used his money for your make-up, and now you are giving the morality lectures!

The friend who loved me: Come on, it's my life and I have the right to choose my friends. But, beta what happened to your Gandhian father's teachings. Remember he was a school teacher as well. Rehne do tumse na ho payega!

The split second: Love can heal almost everything. Your sins can be cured son. Start the life afresh. Ever heard these dialogues! But, with perfect timing you can generate some 'soft' emotions in the mind of a 'homely' criminal. If he survives this emotional atyachar, he is on his way to become the next don in the town.

Police walon ki dosti: We have been made to believe by the film industry that the top cops have very ambiguous moral values, so it's better to stay away from them. But, due to your PhD in Police Psychology, you will take the bait and fall for the trap. It happens in the beginning. Later, you will graduate to better things, and if lucky then you can also share a drink with some of them.

The umbrella sky: Why should you care whether you are in Lucknow or in London? Just be trigger happy wherever you are. The law and order is just a phone call away for your mighty protectors, unless you decide to take on them only.

Subtlety, what's that: Look this is not theatre. Here we state the obvious, even if you are unsure about the other guy's intentions. Also, you think that the audience would love to catch the culprit red handed.

The imaginative ruffian: How does it matter if you have never crossed through the corridors of power! It takes a slight glance for you to understand the vulnerability of the crooked politician. Yes, he has been in this dishonest business for several years, but he will commit the same mistake again. Grow up! Now!

Have faith in the audience: Though we think in our minds that we need to lose at least 50 IQ points to be termed as an average mind, but your perception is something else. And, guess what? You are correct at most of the occasions. We are the jokers and thus we deserve every atrocity you wedge on our senses.

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