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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to conserve your cell phone battery ?

Days of the small screened nokia phones are long gone. The market is flooded with smartphones which do a lot more than just calls. But doing all these activities on a device consumes a lot of energy and the battery does not keep up.

Its irritating to charge your cell more than once a day. Here are some steps that will help you conserve your battery life.

Switch to wi-fi when it’s available

Wifi does not only save our data charges but also uses less power compared to data connections and connecting to the home or office netwrok whenever it is available will increase your battery life.

Turn off unnecessary functions

Functions like GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi takes up battery. Widgets can make things simpler. Turning of functions when you don’t need them will conserve a lot of battery.

Keep your display brightness on’Auto’

A lot of battery is consumed on the display itself. So it is better to keep the Brightness in auto mode rather than manually changing it.

Turn off connectivity when you’re out of service areas

Searching for networks is a tiresome jobs for your phones as sacanning wastes a lot of power. Switch to airplane mode or tun off the antenna stopping your phone from spending valuable power.

Don’t let your battery drain all the way down

The best time to charge your phone is when it is 20% remaining. This will extend your battery life.

Reduce refresh rate of apps, or turn push notifications off

Apps life Facebook and Twitter when continuously connected refreshes on a regular basis.It is better to turn off auto refresh on apps like Facebook and Twitter when not in use.

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