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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rectangular slabs would soon be a thing of the past

The iphone is the clear leader among smartphones. The phone stands tall in almost all the departments. Now the battle is on for yet another thing - the Design . Samsung and LG has already curved it up now it is time for Apple to flex some muscles in this department.

While Samsung released curved smartphones first with the relase of Galaxy Round, LG soon followed suit with its LG G Flex. The phones were far from curved. They were just slightly bended devices and not flexible screens. Apple looks to make a first in this segment with a curved screen.

By next year Apple will come out with newer bigger and curved iphones. Some reports state that Apple plans to modulate the pressure applied on the screens and develop screens with internal pressure gauging capabilities. So now, lightly tapping your screen might mean something different and a quick, hard jab might do something completely different.

Apple will also expand their fingerprint recognition system. This will surely bring in more features and will completely change the way we use smartphones. The pressure touch makes it more interesting and would increase the comfort levels of the user.

While Apple has to come up with solutions for the disappointing 5C. The new device launch will take place not earlier than second half of 2014 keeping in mind the apple tradition.

While many rumors are already doing rounds. Let’s wait and see how the device turns out.

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