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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maruti to get a new Wind!

If reports are right, then A-Stars successor will be here the next year. Expected to be an out and out city car, suzuki will be unveiling it at the Thailand Motor Expo. It has been codenamed - the A Wind.

Safety and dependability are hallmarks of Suzuki, so why the name A-Wind? ”The A:Wind is so named because it seeks to bring a fresh wind to the A-segment as a global compact car. We still think this was the company’s backdoor attempt to break with their run of the mill naming conventions." The company clarifies.

The rep confirmed that the A-Wind will be put on production in a hurry. The Car is very simple and does not have any cool concept like features.

Finally when A-Wind comes out, it will replace A-Star. Its ill-famed predecessor failed miserably in the market mainly due to it meagre cabin space. A-Wind will look to solve such issues .

Suzuki’s primary goal with the A:Wind, besides providing a giggle every time its name is brought up, is to create a car looks a lot pricier than it actually is. They hope this will happen because the interiors have been made with materials of the highest quality and the exteriors aren’t far behind either. The pictures reveal that the car will borrow its basic interior parts from the Swift since this will help in keeping the manufacturing costs of the car low.

The car has a 996 cc engine and is coupled with variabletransmission(CVT) box. The production version will feature a K Series litre engine with a 5 speed transmission.

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