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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

7 Things You Need To Know About Android 4.4 KitKat

It might have been a long time coming, but Android’s answer to the iOS 7 is finally here and will be spreading the cheer among non- Nexus users soon.

All connection to the popular chocolate after which Android’s latest version is styled ends with the name and the signature graphics. (Nope, the idea of having a free supply of KitKats with every upgrade hasn’t struck them yet). The list of goodies is, however, just getting started. Having released late last year, the Android KitKat update will soon be available for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and Galaxy Note 3 and 2 users and here are the seven features you must know about the new ‘droid:

“OK Google”
Google’s intelligent assistant, Google Now, is now programmed to hop to attention with the words, “OK Google,” post which it can seamlessly search the internet, play songs and send texts.

Smarter Contacts

KitKat prioritizes your contacts on the basis of the ones that are contacted the most and can also dig up info about nearby places and businesses right from the contacts list. Also, Google has thrown in a caller identification app to crosscheck unknown numbers, so you can now wave a merry goodbye to late night prank calls.

Upgraded Hangout

Your daily hangouts just got cozier with SMS, MMS, instant messages and HD video calling across all devices brought to you on a platter to one single Hangout app. Plus, the new update has thrown in the ability to share animated GIFs, so the Android fanboys have got something to lord over the iOS users, after all.

Introduction of Emojis

After Facebook, Android has now booked itself a berth on the emoticon bandwagon and the new OS now boasts of the famous emojis integrated right into the Google keyboard.

Printing On The Go

Conventional printing? Ain’t nobody got the time for that. Google Cloud Print now lets you connect with any compatible printer with wireless capabilities and your photos and documents can get printed right from your phone.

Improved Lock Screen

While all the other features were getting a face lift, the lock screen joined the queue as well and can now display fullscreen album and movie art and as well as the ability to play, pause and seek, right from the lock screen.

Immersive Mode

Unsightly status bars and navigation buttons have now been marched to the sidelines; apps, eBooks and games can now be viewed full screen, with the status bar waiting to be summoned or dismissed at the edge of the screen with a swipe.

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