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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5

The much awaited Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched by mid march 2014 if reports are right.

Without a doubt it will be one of the most powerful phones in the market. In the course of time many rumors regarding the device has floodedthe web. We have compiled the most most promminent ones for you.

Metal Body

Samsung has firmly kept their hands on the plasticky build for their premium smartphones which has gathered a lot of flak from fans and critics alike. It is inevitable that they change this trend. And a metallic body is an obvious solution.

The Device will be Dust and Weather proof

With the Samsung Galaxy Active, the device has delivered a rugged version of the S4. Next year, these eatures will be engineered into the flagship itself.

A 64 Bit Processor

Samsung’s biggest rival -the Apple has launched its Iphone 5S with a 64 bit processor. Why would Samsung be far behind. But it may take time for the developers to catch up as this has so far been an unchartered territory.

A Super sensitive 16 MP camera

The device will host a 16 MP Camera with modules far superior than the Optical Image Stabilisation. In fact, the module supports anti-shake correction of up to 1.5 degrees, while existing image stabilisation for smartphones tops out at 0.7 degrees. It will be more light sensitive than the one in the S4.

A 2k Display

The device will boast of a huge 1440 p display at the sizeof 5 inches which gives it a mammoth 560 ppi resolution. There are speculations that Samsung might finally drop the super AMOLED for a better technology.

Android Kitkat and the Extras

The device will run on the Android Kitkat with the newly developed touchwiz interface which will be more of the flipboard style. Tiles is the way to go for UI interaces on mobiles.


There were rumors that the IRIS scanner was suppose to come on board of the S5 but Samsung might have just chucked the idea for a fingerprint scanner instead.

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