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Friday, February 21, 2014

Highway - Movie Review

Not an appropriate title for the movie and also not sure whether Imtiaz Ali wanted to direct a movie with characters or videoshoot the scenic locales of northern India. While the movie is superbly directed, it is let down by an unimpressive storyline. Somehow I felt the movie had a touch of the Ranveer starer “Lootera”.

Alia Bhatt has definitely matured as an actress with this movie. Her character though is inconsistent right from the start but then somehow convinces you that an abused child could grow up to be someone looking for a change and willing to escape from home. One of her dialogues that -’she does not want to go back home nor does she want the journey to end’ appears silly as it comes from a girl from an affluent family sitting in a truck and who has traveled frequently with her family before in luxury.

The Pros: Good cast and direction

The Cons: Unconvincing Plot

- A rich educated girl falling in love with her kidnapper - Randeep Hooda who is a violent thug with 3 murders to his credit.

- Though the Police is on the lookout for the lead pair, Alia is shown sitting on the front seat of the Truck driven by Randeep throughout their escapade

- To see a beautiful girl and a criminal laze around the picturesque locales living a stress free life adds to your stress

- Randeep’s entry starts off with his dialogue delivery in crude Hindi which as the movie progresses, talks smooth Bollywood hindi

The movie is not for all audiences. Some may find it slow and boring because of the unconvincing plot and the superficial love story which seems to be created only to add flavor to the movie. Overall, a onetime watch only because of the scenic locales and Alia Bhatt’s performance.

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