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Monday, February 24, 2014

Nokia launches Android-based budget phones: Nokia X, X+, XL

Nokia has unveiled the Nokia X, X+, and Nokia X XL smartphones - its first Android devices - at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Perhaps seen as sticking too fingers up at Microsoft before the company becomes owned by the Redmond tech giant in March, Nokia has justified the move by saying that it will allow Microsoft to reach new customers.

"We are introducing new customers to Microsoft services like Skype and OneDrive," said Stephen Elop. "With this Microsoft will be able to reach people it has never spoken to before."

As a result Skype video calling can now be access in areas that might now have been able to use the service previously. Nokia is giving away one free month to users who buy a Nokia X handset.

Both X and X+ smartphones will feature 4-inch screens and a decided mid-range bevy of specs. The Nokia X+ has more memory and microSD expansion.

The company also has the Nokia X XL which will feature a 5-inch screen and come with a 5 megapixel camera and 2 megapixel front camera.

The new phones, which will feature a 4-inch screen will run a bevy of Nokia and Microsoft services.

People will be able to download apps from a dedicated Nokia Android store, as well as others, however it doesn’t sound like the device has been Google Play Approved.

The new phone from Nokia will have a very specific and dedicated skin compared to what Android customers will be useful merging the playful Nokia Lumia experience with the power of Android beneath it.

The Android open source OS means Android developers can bring apps to Nokia X family easily. Elop claims its as easy as a few hours programming to port them across.

There will be free music streaming from Nokia Music Radio, as well as free navigation instructions from Here Maps. Because this is an Android powered device there shouldn’t be any issue with getting apps like Vine and others.

Despite being Andoid Nokia free music service MixRadio will come as standard. Users can also access apps from other Stores like Slide Me. Try and buy apps will also be an option.

OneDrive will offer 10GB of free storage from the Nokia Store for photos, videos and music storage in the cloud.

The Nokia X is out now for €89, the Nokia X+ will be €99 in early Q2, the Nokia XL will be €109 also in early Q2 and all will go on sale in "growth markets".

Source: Android Central

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