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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Make your Sunday a Funday

As much as we like Saturday and Sunday, both, off. The idea of working on Saturdays brings the life to a standstill. At a point where we wonder – Now what? Don’t wonder about what you can do on a Sunday. It’s simple. Pick what you love the most and do it on that one day off. Here are some ideas to make your Sunday a funday.

Short Day-picnic
Did you have a long Saturday and a even longer week? No worries. Rest up all night, wake up and get set out to any park, public garden or nature spots. Carry some quick snacks and you will find the rest there. A cozy time away from home with family and friends will relax you mentally and physically. This will require no preparation, all you will have to do is drive out on Sunday. Find some fun in solace and quietude.
Get out of the house and go sit for any movie show. Don’t even tell me you are the intellectual movie types. How many of us actually have intellectual experiences on a daily basis? Forget about being intellectually thrilled and just go out there and watch a Rohit Shetty fun roll movie. The soul idea is to enjoy that Sunday afternoon and not have to think about the past week and coming Monday. Good experiences make your day.
This may not be the best idea for men. And all the men out there are probably already sighing in disgust on this plan. But, it isn’t all that bad once a while. It doesn’t always have to be for your wife. Shop for yourself, your kids, or your home. It is fun sometimes to look beyond what you need and shop for things you want. Make it all about what you wish for and see you will love it. It plays a good booster for the coming new week. A dine out will perfectly help you sign out from the only day of the week you get to rest. A full stomach dinner at a restaurant of your choice or if you’re the experimenting kinds, try out something new. A good ending can boost better beginnings.
Friends and Coffee
A tough week can even make you forget how you look, leave out your friends and family. Hence, it is time to catch up with people who matter and you would want to be around. Pick up the phone and make a plan. Get out of the house. Meet up over coffee and chat up. Who doesn’t need this time off? Spill some beans over coffee beans.
Resort – your Last Resort
Do what you enjoy doing - be it reading, writing, listening to music, chitchat with family and friends, so on. Do it in style. Go to a near by resort and do things you like in peace and solace. You can head out in the morning and be back by dusk. A home away from home can refresh your mind and ready you for the next work day.

Sports and Games
Are you a sports lover or gamer? During the week it’s more than enough that you get to breath. Keep your Sunday for sports that you’d like to indulge in. Spice it up by playing at a ground around you or on a beach, like tennis, beach Cricket and Volley Ball. It’s possible that you want to be a sloth on Sunday. In that case, you would like be a potato on the couch and lie there with your console. Yes! You heard me right. Some gaming can highlight your Sunday and give you a much needed break from your daily routine.
I can see the men rolling their eyes alraedy. Please don’t. Spa and massages are for men and women, both. This is the most relaxing way to unwind yourself and feel rested. Get a body massage, feet treatment or back massage – whatever works best on you and notice the difference.
Man – God Connection
For people who believe this is the ultimate place for peace and rest, after a week’s actions, good or bad, and to seek some blessings for the coming future walk into the house of god – Church, Mosque, Hindu temple, Derasar, Sikh temple or a Buddhist temple. Sunday, which is also a family day can be the best time for some positive connect.
Call Friends Over
You are a lazy ball. You want to do nothing but just roll around in the house. Then roll around in company. Call your friends over. Watch movies, sing aloud in a karaoke, do a BBQ party on your terrace or just eat Maggie together. Make your Sunday fun and frolic with friends.
Catch Up on Some Sleep
Stressful week is directly proportional to sleeplessness. So, after you are packed up after an unwanted Saturday work day, rush home and hibernate. I mean it. Sleep until Monday dawn strikes you and see the rejuvenated life you find then. Sleep in.

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